As the Wheel Turns

Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm baaacckkkk....

Well, hello again. Has it been over a year already? I guess so. I've been busy but not posting and I'm sorry for the two of you that actually check here for an update. (G)

Okay, for some of you others, a brief synopsis of the past year. It's mostly centered around the discovery of breast cancer and subsequent removal of the breast. Took them long enough, all summer taking it piece by piece then finally in mid Nov. it just became silly and they took it all. I'm really pleased with the result, as it's a very nice job and healed really well. The Lord was very good to me and held me up through it all so it never became discouraging. We are tomorrow checking a bone scan for reasons for my new bone pain. I firmly believe it's a side effect of the estrogen blockers I'm taking but they must rule out bone cancer. A new interesting adventure to pursue.

On other things of moderate interest, to keep me occupied during all this medical drama Jerry decided this was a good time to put an addition on our house. We've been meaning to for a couple years but now we are. Our son Paul will be doing the work with us helping as much as possible to keep costs down. Is that possible? I'll take a pic and let you see what it's like now. A small deck outside the dining room and that's it. It will be a 20' by 25' family room with a small loft and deck over the back roof. The idea was to look at the woods and animals, but this summer the owner of the land on the other side of the railroad tracks decided to install an asphalt plant. Ahhhh how nice. Now I see some sort of heavy equipment on one side of the bridge and the other is where they mine? dig up, whatever the rocky stuff they use to make asphalt. Of course the stuff has to go from one end to the other and this small squeaky backhoe type thing goes back and forth in my line of vision. Thanks!

See the nice woodseyness behind the house? In the distance is a river which is very pretty to see. Not sure how well I'll be able to see it in summer but sure would be nicer than the asphalt workers. Now to see how to get the text below these pics...

Okay, this is pretty ugly. I had this lovely post with poics and links and all and when I went to preview it I found a few spelling errors, so I went back. Uhhh I lost everything but what was above. Now the pics won't come in and I'm discouraged. I will try again for the fiber fiends I mean friends to get the pics up and more yarn stuff. Off to dinner....

Monday, March 13, 2006

HI Everyone, (all 6 of you)

I've decided it's such a nice day that I will say hi and update the blog. Now I know why diaries went by the wayside for me. Well, the kids have moved out, about 2 weeks ago. Into their own abode (pics to follow tommorrow?). I know I should be happy for them and I'm trying, but I really miss the little munchkins and the quiet companionship of Sara and I reading. Nights when Jerry and Paul would work late and the kids would be in bed (yes, sometimes they really did go to bed) and we would sit and read, no tv, music or noise. We knew each other was there if we wanted to say something but for the most part, there was just quiet reading. Of course Jerry misses Saras cooking and so do I. Tommorrow we are going up for dinner and I hope to get some nice shots of a hosue with furniture and cutains and all.

For the knitters among you I have sadly forsaken you. I'm sorry. I do still knit and spin and to prove it here's some pics. During the knitting Olympics which I did finish my project, I made my first knit stuffed animal. Well, it's supposed to be a Bunny, but you decide.

And during this time I completed a pair of lace wave socks, and my year old fair isle sweater.

The socks fit great but the sweater needs some tweaking. I don't like how the neck came out so I need to frog it. To the non knitters who are out there that means "rip it rip it" as in frogs noises? Shows the importance of a guage swatch on something that needs to fit. Many thanks to my friend math whiz NEB who helped me with my math deficiences. "Neb, if I have 168 sts and it says to decrease evenly around 42 sts how often do I decrease? " Not only did she figure it out for me after understanding what it was I wanted (she's not a knitter) but wrote down the formula so I could do this later by myself. I dunno, did she just want to save herself the 8am wake up call with another question?

These are the elderly socks I've been working on.
They were "born" in August of last year, knitters
understand, and I'm just now working on number 2. I started them as my first toe ups
and my friend Marni took them with her to
New England and worked on them. Then she
took them home with her to Sugarland TX. and then sent them back to me. I had to do the heel and cuff but I think they're pretty cool. A sure
sign you have a winner is when a non knitting
friend mentions that they look about her size.

Lastly some pics of my companions Olivia and
Oliver. I hope they all end up in the right

Okayyyy well I give up. Those pics aren't showing up and my keyboard if freezing up. So, maybe tommorrow will be better. For now, knit on! Judy

Friday, January 20, 2006

My guest blogger....NEB!

My good friend NEB is here for my son's party (#28) and she is my guest blogger tonight....'ssssss NEB!

Hi! My first action as Guest Blogging Dictator will be to add an apostrophe to the word "sons" above. There, isn't that better? :-D

Well, on a kinder note, what I really want to say is that Judy is awesome. :-D Where else can you go to do your laundry, eat some chocolate cake, and go through the church directory together and find out who's related to whom? I'm trying to get her secrets of keeping such an inviting (=clean) and charming home, and she says it's all about Fly Lady. Maybe I should check that out? I never got past the getting dressed/ shining my sink phase before. Hmmm...

Well, back to the party...
Neb :-)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Long time no blog

Well hellooooo... as my grandaughter Emma would say. I know I'm awful at this blogging stuff, aren't I NEB ? So, here I am with a good excuse, or so I think. The kids moved in with us 2 weeks ago! Ack! It's been fun for us, but I doubt they like living out of boxes and bags in oour coldish basement. Before I get too much writing I'll stick in the pics of the house as of Fri the 9th of Dec.

These are 2 views of the kitchen/family room.
Left is looking from the front living room toward the back with the cooking island to the left. Where the pile of lumber and pipes lay will be a dining room table. The top pic is from the back corner looking from the opposite direction at the cooking island. The center cabinet will have a cooktop on it with counter to either side.

So, I've been cleaning crew for here, and of course at home. Then there are the babies! Ah yes, any grandmas dream to have 2 babies in the house. Here's a pic of Emma the other day "feeding" her baby. Get it? I laughed so hard. No time for fiber, or much reading even but it'll be okay. Fiber people will just have to wait for a calmer time I guess.

So, that's it for now... actually it's sleeting and nasty and I'm headed for nice warm bed.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

And the beat goes on.....

Life continues no matter what. Birth, death, divorce, marriage, all our daily occurances and what seems big in our lives, it's all a matter of perspective and life will go on.

I'm waxing philosophical today because of last night. Well, maybe not just last night. You see today all day my dh Jerry has been sleeping on the couch (snoring at the moment Isn't He Cute?) becasue of a migrane. He did try and get up this morning, had breakfast and then collapsed. It's been couch for him except for one brief foray to work since Someone Who Is On Call has decided to go Out Of Town, and he had to fill in. But boy as soon as he returned, back to the couch. I do feel sorry for him cause he's not much of a baby with sickness and I've never had a migrane so I can't truly sympathize. He was supposed to go to ds new house today and work on it more. The Dec. 8th deadline looms large. Maybe tommorrow. Son will understand for he too suffers from migranes. Here is southern bedroom wall just put up and said son/homeowner.

View 2 is looking at the north bedroom wall. Jack in the center of pic is holding up the center of the main roof. One doesn't want to stand under said roof edge too long..... ask how I know. So, hopefully life goes on up there while we are homebound with the sick. Speaking of sick and what made me think of this today was my illness last night. To most it seems inconsequential but to me the hypochondriac, it was Important. Started with heartburn early in the afternoon though I hadn't eaten anything that should cause that. It just got worse throughout the evening and then became heartburn with the feeling that I'm Going To Pass Out just like I did at the blood drive. Okay, Tums and head between knees. I'll be okay. Then a small pain in my back, feeling like I have to go to the bathroom... uh oh, ds is also an EMT and has told me numerous times how they pick heart attack victims off the toilet cause They thought they ahd to go too. Did I mention I can be a bit of a hyperchondriac? Yes well. So then I tell myself that that's exactly what I'm being and there is Nothing Wrong With Me. I shall go to bed. So, I did. I decided if indeed there was something wrong that the Lord would have to handle it. I would go to sleep and either wake up in the morning (YAY! I did!) or go be with the Lord peacefully in my sleep. As I said before no matter what the outcome life will go on. Pauls house will still have to be finished, people will still be born and die, and yes, Walmart will still be open for business. That is my philosophy for the day. Hey, at least I'm bloggin huh NEB?

Knit on! Judy (who, since she's still alive, needs to finish her fair isle yoked sweater)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Reconstruction follows demolition

Well, the Lord has certainly been good to us weatherwise (and in Many other ways) but Wed. it all broke loose at 2 pm. Coincidentally just when the weatherman said it would. But the walls for the 1st floor got up and the ceiling for the first floor too, so yay! Here's the pics from Wed.

On the left we see Paul and his helper Luke Humberd (our Pastors son) laying floor on the 2nd floor bedroom area. This was minutes before a gust of wind tried to take the plywood and Luke on an unplanned "flight". Paul was putting glue on a joist, Luke was waiting, and poor Matt (Pauls brother in law) was on the ground cutting more pieces. I saw the wind grab the wood, Luke try to hold it, Paul try to grab it and then the dreaded "Heads up Matt!" We are all fortunate that #1 they did manage to control it, and #2 that Matt has fast reflexes. Middle picture is looking from the front door to the back of the kitchen. Quite an open floor plan huh?

It was 71 degrees that morning, and by night it was in the 30's. See the dark clouds scudding across the sky? well, they let open about 2:15pm just when we asked Paul if that wood pile had to be covered. The answer was yes. So, not wanting to be the sissy girl I went out and helped Matt and Luke. Seems that to get to the 4x8 sheets of plywood Luke had to remove all the 2x4 studs. Hmm... Guess what was under the 2x4 studs? Yes, the tarp that went over said wood. So, we had to put all the 2x4's back on the 4x8's, THEN cover with tarp, and then grab the other tarp to cover the other pile. By then we were slipping in mud, freezing with a cold rain, and I couldn't see cause a bunch of water was in my eye. Popeye, that's who I looked like. Not to mention the wet t-shirt contest I could have been in. Hair was wetter than in a shower. I took off for the car leaving the guys asking "are you going home?" yes, I've had enough fun for 1 day. For those who don't know, I wear glasses which were of course dripping. Did I have towels, tissues, anything? Nope. Just a soggy t shirt. So I drove home hugging the steering wheel wiping the water out of my face and desperately trying to see. Worst thing, I never even got any brownies. Sigh...

Since today was super cold (30's and wind chill of less) I just went to work and came home. I know, I'm a bad mom but hey, I am cold.

Fibery stuff, I am working on my fair isle yoked sweater. Almost to the neck now so end is in sight. I will take a pic before it gets steeked. That may be the last anyone sees of it. As always I'm thinking of new projects I'd rather start than finish the old.

So, I'm off to eat a Moon Pie (anyone remember those?) and maybe a snowball (marshmallow and coconut covered cake ball) and get fat. But I'll be jolly. Have a great night! J.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

*I* am a bag blogger

Well, hello world! My friend NEB says I am to post or something bad shall happen. Well look, it's not as if nothing's been happening, but I am tired. Yes, so much happens that I barely get a chance to read, let alone energy to post. If that's percieved as whining, so be it.

It's been a busy couple months. First off I DID go to NY sheep and wool fest (aka. Rhinebeck) but just didn't post on it like everyone else did. My good friend Elaine went with and we had a grand time. I was pretty restrained in buying, but the money flew away anyway. 3 or 4 skeins of STR, about 6 oz. of an AUTMUNAL (take That Elaine) color blend for socks to be spun, a great book Sensational Socks by Charlene Schurch and a few do dads such as a container of Pure Lanolin or as the seller said to my dh "she really wants the hard stuff"? Like buying liquor or something.

Then there's the ongoing Project. It's my son Pauls new house.
This is the mosre interesting side, being the back where most of the work is being done. I use the term most very loosely. That's my friend NEB on the right with her dh Nate. My dh Jerry is in the middle close to the house, Paul is to his left and Pauls inlaws are to the left of him. This was in the R&D phase of planning. Now if I can get another pic up, you can see what Paul does to an otherwise okay to move into house....

This is the front as of yesterday afternoon, and this is the back about a week ago. Think he'll be able to move in by Dec 8th which is when he has settlement for his old house? By the way, here's one shot of what he's leaving.. and a couple more....

This was such a wreck when he bought it that I told my daughter not to touch or drop anything cause we'd have to burn it. It was owned by an absentee parent who left her teenagers to drugs and whatever else they decided to do. Cold, disgusting and dangerous with what was lying around. 6 yrs later it's warm and gorgeous and worth 4 times what he paid. So, yes, I can see the dream in this new house. BTW that's Pauls little girl Emma running through the living room.

So, this pretty much takes up my life right now. When I get home I'm cold and tired and just want to go eat and sleep. When I'm not sleepy (for us fiber folks) I've been working on a knitted yoked sweater in my first fair isle, lacy topped socks, another circular shawl (though severly neglected) and felted clogs (also neglected). Maybe I should be doing that instead of blogging since I have unexpectedly been given the day off work. Or.... maybe I should go up to Pauls since they are pouring the foundation walls this afternoon...

So there NEB! I have blogged and will try to do better. See ya later!